[Review] Montigo Resorts, Batam, Indonesia

Fancy having a three story villa with 2 bedrooms and a private plunge pool without burning a hole through your pocket?

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12 Nov 17

Have always wanted to visit Montigo Resorts after seeing all the Instagram worthy photos on social media, though reviews were kinda mixed. Finally got the chance to visit on a 2D1N weekend getaway!

The Location

The resort picked us up from Nongsapura ferry terminal, which was just a 5 min bus ride away.

HAN-dy tip: email the resort to arrange for complementary transfers prior to your trip.

The resort was located about 30 min from Batam Center and 40 min from Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. A return transfer to Batam Center set us back by IDR 360 000 on a 7 seater taxi. The resort also provides shuttle service to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall that departs at 10:00 am and returns at 16:00 pm and cost IDR60 000 per pax.

HAN-dy tip: Book with massage places in the city that provides return transfer. We booked our massage with Majesty Spa and Massage for a fee of IDR 20 000.

The Resort

We were greeted by the friendly staffs who offered us cold towels and a welcome drink but most of us were distracted by the amazing view of the sea.

welcome drinks and cold towels for the guests
view of the sea
You can see marina bay sands
marina bay sands from afar

One of the staffs then collected our passports to assist us in our check in process while we waited at the lobby area.

lobby area

The staff completed the check in for us and informed us that our room wasn’t ready as the check in time was 15:00 pm and we reached at 12:30 pm. He then gave us a briefing about the things to do in the resort and helped us call for a buggy to take us to the restaurant for lunch.

map of the resort

The Restaurant

We read good reviews about the pizza in the resort so we were determined to try it. The restaurant was very nicely decorated with good views of the sea.

Still wondering if it’s a mushroom or muffin

Couldn’t find the pizza on the menu and upon inquiring with the friendly staff, the pizza was available from the restaurant downstairs (Tiigo) but we could still order it and they would deliver it for us.

Tiigo menu
complementary starter

The complimentary starter they gave us was a flavourful french loaf but the condiment was unable to bring out the overall taste of the bread.

Smoothies and latte

The Kiwi smoothie, Mango smoothie and Strawberry latte we ordered weren’t too sweet and were especially refreshing for a hot afternoon.

Fried rice and burger

The vegetarian fried rice had a rich taste while the burger had a nicely roasted crust and soft crumb but the chicken patty was a bit bland on its own.

The gigantic signature Tiigo 50 pizza

If there was one complaint I would make with the service of the staffs in the resort, it would be the waitress who didn’t give me a heads up about how big the pizza was gonna be.

I think it’s called Tiigo 50 as it could feed 50 people. Okay I am obviously exaggerating but the people in the restaurant and us were shocked by the size of the pizza, especially when we were close to finishing our two mains when it arrived. We only managed to try 2 slices and had to ask for the pizza to be packed to go. The pizza was truly living up to the good reviews – crispy crust, tasty dough, well balanced with cheese and toppings. It was still crust was still slight crispy when we had it for dinner later at night. Pity we couldn’t finish it.

Even the washroom was nicely decorated

After lunch, we took a walk to the jetty to enjoy the breeze and saw many crabs as it was low tide then.

Public pool
View of the villas
Jetty at low tide

The Villa – PROS

Finally, our villa was ready. Let’s take a tour around the 3 storey hill top villa with two bedrooms and a private pool!

the entrance to our 3 storey villa
living room
living room on the first floor
tv with quite a few channels
balcony area
balcony area on the first floor
plunge pool
plunge pool on the first floor, overlooking the sea
master bedroom
huge master bedroom
big bathroom in the master bedroom
second bedroom
bath room in second bedroom
roof on the third floor for BBQ
view from the third floor

The beds were super comfy but the curtains weren’t completely able to block out the sunlight so it was quite bright in the morning. The plunge pool was amazing for chilling.

HAN-dy tip: In villa BBQ is not available on Saturdays. 

The Villa – CONS

The villa was generally worth its price tag but if you were to look closely, there were quite a few places that required some refurbishing as many parts of the villa were turning yellow or rusty. We could see the air con compressors from the villa and when we saw that it was not closed from the outside, it felt a bit unsafe even though the opening to the villa was very small. The bathtub was kinda dirty so we didn’t use it and also because the pool totally compensated for it. Lastly, the door on the third floor was a bit faulty and was difficult to lock.

HAN-dy tip: There were a few large ants (which was normal considering its location) which sneaked up on our pizza. So if you intend to get take outs, remember not to leave your food out in the open. 

The Breakfast

The breakfast spread was really generous and featured both Indonesian and American breakfast spread

american breakfast
american breakfast spread
so much bread, so little stomach capacity


Round 1
Round 2

The Conclusion

Montigo Resorts has passed its prime and probably could do with some refurbishment. The service provided by staffs were however, immaculate. The views of the sea makes you think that you are somewhere further than a 40 mins ferry ride from Singapore. There were also a lot of activities provided by the resort but we didn’t manage to try.

Overall, we were very satisfied with our stay in Montigo Resorts but for our next visit, we will probably stay nearer to the city center, unless Montigo Resorts undergoes some sort of refurbishments.

How to get there

Take a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura Ferry terminal

Cost per night

SGD350 for three pax for a hill top villa with two bedrooms (extra SGD40 for every additional guest)


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